Our Story

Why did I name this boutique Oh Grace? Here’s the story…I am the youngest of 8 kids. My mom let my oldest sister name me Krista, but if my mom would have named me - I would be named Grace. As I grew up there were times that my mom would say “Oh Grace” as I spilled milk or did made an oops (cause I never got in trouble ;-)). So its stuck with me and a way to be the name my mom would have picked for me! 
In the past twenty years I ventured out of retail, became a wife and mom, and had a successful career in Human Resources. I find a lot of reward in that profession and don’t plan on stepping away anytime soon.  
This journey is in partnership with some special gals - my daughter, Sydney, and niece, Kaitlin, are part of the brains and beauty of the boutique. We are learning and laughing a lot along the way! We are glad you are here with us!